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We appreciate you dropping by as you can find all kinds of information about us just by clicking around the numerous tabs and doing your own investigation.

As a point of information, Sister Lisa Hargrave has served our Association with excellence over the past 12 years but due to unforeseen circumstances in her life, she has resigned as the MoArk Clerk and therefore any correspondence that needs the attention of the MoArk Association, please send them to my attention, either through the “Contact Us” tab at the bottom of the page or send it to my email address: “bryanj57@bpsnetworks.com”

Keep in mind, this site is for all of the churches of the MoArk Association of General Baptists and if you have something special going on in your church, please drop us a note, picture, update, etc, and we will pass your message along!

Bryan Johnson

Acting Clerk, MoArk Association of General Baptists


Presbytery Information

Also, due to the passing of our long time friend and Presbytery Clerk, Brother Danny Dortch, Brother Mark Book will be serving as the Acting Clerk and all correspondence and/or other Presbytery related issues should be sent to his attention.

His contact information is as follows:

Mailing Address:  541 Lakewood Dr. W, Piggott, AR 72454

PHONE: (870) 324-1963

Email: MarkABook11@yahoo.com

F.Y.I.  This moderator for this year's presbytery is, Pastor Marston Carpenter and the Chairman of the Doctrine & Credential's Committee is, Pastor Charles Richardson.  


2019 MoArk Meetings

The 2019 MoArk Presbytery will meet at Kennett First General Baptist Church at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 15, 2019.



The 2019 MoArk Association will meet at First General Baptist Church of PIGGOTT  at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

MoArk Scholarships Available

If you are a minister or church leader of a MoArk General Baptist church and desire to further your education to advance the ministries of General Baptist churches, scholarship assistance is available through the Bill Haynes Scholarship Fund. For additional information contact Bryan Johnson 573-217-5323.

Also, assistance is available for minister and deacon ordination candidates required to complete the LAMP program.

Additional information available on the Scholarships by following the Bill Haynes Scholarship link at the top of the homepage.

   February 2019   
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