Missions Board

MoArk Missions Board:

The MoArk Missions Ministry Board shall consist of 5 members who shall serve for a period of five years with one member being replaced each year. NOTE: To initiate this process of rotating five-year terms, the reorganized Board shall be composed of one member serving 5 years, one member serving 4 years, one member serving 3 years, one member serving 2 years, and one member serving one year.

The MoArk Missions Ministry Board shall meet bi-annually or more to fulfill its purpose.


The MoArk Missions Ministry Board shall recruit and mobilize resources to faithfully implement the planting of new churches both as an individual body and in partnership with the Denominational Missions Board and/or other local mission boards.

If you would like to make contributions as a church or as an individual, please forward your checks/donations to:

Missions Board

C/O Kenny Burns

604 E. 4th Street, Rector, AR 72461

Thank you in advance for your donations and support.